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    Skilled Nursing

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    Skilled Nursing


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Nursing Home Care at Beechwood Continuing Care

Beechwood Homes
Located in Amherst, NY

Beechwood Homes provides skilled nursing care and is the first in WNY to feature person-centered care and household living. Called Welcome Home, this unique initiative transforms the way our elders are cared for by eliminating the institutional model.

Welcome Home

A better way of caring. A better way of living.

In 2002, BCC began its first steps in initiating a bold new program to position our organization for culture change and to move forward in eliminating the institutional environment from our assisted living and nursing home communities. This ongoing effort is geared toward producing a positive and meaningful impact upon our residents’ quality of life as well as their health.

Welcome Home incorporates ideas from many person-centered care models across the country, as well as some new ideas of our own!

Welcome Home includes a physical as well as a philosophical transformation. Blocher Homes and Beechwood residents now enjoy open dining, where they choose their mealtime and where they sit. At Beechwood Homes, we have begun to eliminate nursing stations and long corridors and replace them with households where 12–18 residents share a country kitchen, dining room and living room with a fireplace. Each household is autonomous and functions based on the wishes of the residents, which are carried out by their household team. Currently, Beechwood has seven households with an additional nine planned once all construction is complete. In addition, residents and their families can now enjoy neighborhood centers which include a bistro, library/multimedia center and entertainment centers.

Most important to our vision is our staff. Person-centered care cannot succeed without the commitment of your staff ... and our staff members are extraordinary. Welcome Home has re-invigorated our staff and provided them a philosophy of care that is truly driven by the residents and based on development of strong relationships with each other. Through extensive education and training in the team-directed approach to care, our staff members are often able to anticipate our residents’ needs before they know them themselves!
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