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2018 Holiday Appeal 

Touching Lives - Caring Together - Love Stories that Last Forever 
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Our lives are touched by the people we see every day. And we are grateful for those whose hearts make our days a little brighter. Nowhere is that more true than at Beechwood Continuing Care. Embracing happiness from each other—that’s what makes the people at Beechwood so special. Our residents’ lives are enriched by our caring staff and the rewards we receive in return are beyond
priceless. The people you are about to meet have learned that family is not always about bloodlines. Family is grateful hearts committed to each other with story after story.

“Hugging a kitten made her forget about her pain”
Kathy is the neighborhood secretary at Wesley Rehabilitation. She’s been with Beechwood for 28 years, turning her love of animals into a family affair by bringing fostered pets in to work, providing
therapy for residents and staff alike. “These dogs and cats are members of our Beechwood family,” says Kathy. “Residents respond to pets when they are sad, maybe
missing their own families. One resident said that hugging a kitten made her forget about her pain. When an animal has touched someone here, their families often come to thank me.” 

“It’s the little things”
In his position as Plant Operations Director at Blocher Homes, Jim’s job doesn’t lead him to interact with the residents. Though that hasn’t stopped him from making friends. In fact, over the four years he’s been at Blocher Homes, he knows every resident by their first name.
“It’s the little things,” says Jim, “like playing chess with a resident and getting beat three straight times. He became my friend. Blocher Homes is my home away from home and it’s changed my life.”

“Cherish every moment”
Sue was a shy 17-year old when she walked through Beechwood’s doors for the first time looking for work. Thirty-nine years later, she is Director of Staff Development with a unique insight into Beechwood’s Welcome Home culture. She says she’s had thousands of grandmothers who accept her love and provide it in return. “I grew up here,” she says. “Our culture has created limitless opportunities to interact with residents. That taught me so much about compassion and caring. Each day here is a gift and I cherish every moment. If for some reason they couldn’t pay me, I’d come to work anyway. “Caring and sharing life with these residents is not in our job descriptions. We just do it.” 

“Letting someone know you care about them”
Pat is a Recreation Leader at Beechwood. She often gets emotional when talking about what Beechwood has meant to her over the four years she’s been here. “I wasn’t expecting to stay long, but now I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I’ve found a place where I feel welcome, where I can live more in the moment and look at life through the residents’ eyes. Just letting someone know you care about them. Knowing that someone cares is so important,” said Pat. 

“It’s because of the quality of the care we provide” 
Once in the hospice program, residents generally have less than six months to live. Crystal is the nurse manager of our Hospice Wells House and has been at Beechwood for six years. “It’s gratifying when the families tell you they are grateful for the quality of life you give to their dying loved one. In Hospice Wells House, generally residents have less than six months to live. Yet, there’s one resident who’s been in hospice for four years. Their family says it’s because of the quality of the care we provide,” said Crystal.

Touching lives. Caring together. Help us make memories that last forever. 
Beechwood Continuing Care has been an integral part of WNY for over 50 years, with person-centered care as the foundation for all our communities. Please join me in contributing to the care of our residents who have given so much. All gifts, big or small, are a wonderful investment in the future of our Homes and our legacy of caring. We all have a share in serving our Welcome Home community. Please help us fill the gaps where Medicare and Medicaid leave off, when many of our residents have exhausted their personal savings. 

Thank you for your ongoing support to Beechwood Continuing Care to help our family—the residents and staff—write the next chapter of this wonderful love story.
On behalf of our board of directors, residents, leadership and staff, we wish you a very warm and blessed holiday season.

Reverend Mary A. Kelly
Chairwoman, Beechwood Continuing Care Board of Directors
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